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Tafolla Toro: Three Years of Fear

Alternating between shocking stories from his youth and letters written to his 12-year-old self, Lorenzo shows young people how to retake the battle of their mind by dealing with what is true and dismantling the lies that lead to self-deception. In Lorenzo’s journey, readers will see someone who understands what they feel, knows what they’re going through, and is standing up to tell them: Decide today that you are worthy.

Launchers by Dr. Kerry Litzenberg and Codie Wright book cover

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Launchers: Don’t Just Take a Job, Launch Your Career!

Even though you’ve graduated college, it doesn’t mean you know what you want to do with the rest of your life, and the job position you take after graduation may not contribute to your long-term success. Instead of simply taking a job, you want to launch a career—one that’s satisfying, invigorating, and financially rewarding. In Launchers, Codie Wright and Dr. Kerry Litzenberg offer a comprehensive plan that’s designed to boost the confidence of career-seekers and ultimately place them in their ideal professions. From determining your personal criteria for success, to inventorying your skills and experience, to networking, interviewing, and more, the practical advice in this invaluable volume will guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re launching or re-launching, still in college or a few years out, Launchers will help you get to the career you were meant to pursue.

book cover of Replace Yourself by Rob La Gesse

Replace Yourself

If you're a software engineer used to writing code in a room by yourself, the idea of leading a team--let alone a company--can be terrifying. After all, there are so many things that could go wrong: you might make a bad decision that hurts the company, get fired, or--perhaps worst of all--with the extra workload and decreased coding time, your skills might get rusty, hurting both your future job prospects and the respect you've earned from your peers.

The truth is, you already have the skills to be an effective leader, even if you don't realize it.

Cilantro Diaries book cover written by Lorenzo Gomez III

The Cilantro Diaries

Lorenzo Gomez went from the stockroom of a grocery store to the boardrooms of two private companies without a formal higher education. In his inspiring and humorous true story of hope and accomplishment, he shares the steps he took up the ladder and the guiding principles that got him to the top. The direction and motivation he provides in The Cilantro Diaries will help you find a mentor, build a network, establish a reputation, rise above the competition, and move far beyond entry-level jobs into a profitable and satisfying professional career.

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