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Obey Your Strengths with Kathy Kersten

Kathy Kersten interviews executives, entrepreneurs and evangelists whom are finding personal and professional success by leveraging human talent. Whether you are just discovering your strengths or have a desire to invest in your Strengths-based Leadership, this podcast will educate and inspire you on how to apply the theory of the CliftonStrengths framework in your life.


S2 -01: Cindy Lo Founder of Red Velvet Events

July 2, 2019

“Leading by Example & Building a High Performance Culture”: Cindy Y. Lo, Founder of Red Velvet Events, International Speaker and a recent Amazon Best Selling Author (Behind the Red Velvet Curtain: Build and Run the Event Planning Business of Your Dreams.) chats with Kathy Kersten about how her unique strengths helped her start a business and build a high-performance company culture.

S1 -07: Gretta Brooks

June 17, 2019

Gretta Brooks is the Founder and CEO of Salesboost, a training platform that provides on-demand, microlearning to increase the effectiveness of hotel sales teams. (www.salesboost.com).

S1 -06: Ron Soos

June 17, 2019

Ron Soos is a learning and development leader for Andeavor, a Fortune 500 company based in San Antonio, Texas.

S1 -05: Tom Hatton

June 17, 2019

Hosted by Kathy Kersten,The {Gallup Certified} Strengths Coach for Inspired Teams.

S1 -04: Pravesh Mistry

June 17, 2019

Kathy Kersten (www.kathykersten.com) interviews Pravesh Mistry. Pravesh was born and raised in South Africa and served in leadership roles for Rackspace in both London and in San Antonio. He now leads the Western Region for ThousandEyes (www.thousandeyes.com) based in San Francisco and is known for building high-performing and highly engaged teams often driving cross functional change. Pravesh’s Top 5 Strengths are: Arranger, WOO, Empathy, Positivity and Learner.

S1 -03: Graham Weston

June 17, 2019

Kathy Kersten (www.kathykersten.com) interviews Graham Weston, Former Chairman of Rackspace Hosting. As a early adopter in the StrengthsFinder movement, Graham has helped tens of thousands of people discover their strengths. This episode is chock full of strengths wisdom for entrepreneurs, parents and coaches. Graham’s Top 5 Signature Themes: Maximizer, Strategic, Ideation, Self-Assurance, Individualization.

S1 -02: Pat Condon

June 17, 2019

Kathy Kersten (www.kathykersten.com) interviews Pat Condon, Co-Founder of Rackspace Hosting and angel investor to many growing organizations. Pat talks about his Top 5 Signature Themes, building a strengths based culture and so much more. Pat’s Top 5 Signature Themes: Achiever, Strategic, Futuristic, Deliberative, Self-Assurance.

S1 -01: Lorenzo Gomez, III

June 17, 2019

Kathy Kersten (www.kathykersten.com) interviews Lorenzo Gomez III, Geekdom Media CEO, Co-Host of The Brand Brother Podcast and author of “The Cilantro Diaries: Business Lessons from the Most Unlikely Places”. He shares wisdom about using strengths philosophy to increase your professional success. Lorenzo’s Top 5: Context, Restorative, Activator, Positivity, WOO.

S1 -00: In the Beginning

June 17, 2019

CEO of Geekdom Media, Lorenzo Gomez III and Kathy discuss the inspiration behind the Obey Your Strengths podcast. As former colleagues at Rackspace Hosting, they discuss how their strengths had to be “Obeyed” and the follow their strengths on different career journeys.

Kathy Kersten smiling while creating podcast

Meet the Host

Kathy Kersten

With more than 10 years of experience working with Gallup’s strengths materials and training thousands of people, I’ve built a reputation as a master at helping individuals, teams and entire organizations align their talents and strengths to achieve peak performance.

My bold and insightful coaching style helps individuals to not only maximize their strengths but leverage the strengths of those around them. I have helped teams set aside stifling problems and generate possibilities that combine their unique strengths, achieving more than they imagined possible together. At the organizational level, I help leaders embed the strengths-based philosophy into their culture, management training and all aspects of the employee life cycle.

On a personal level, I passionately live out my strengths with my husband and three kids in our beloved state of Texas. We are five bookworms that love to travel, fish and root for the Texas Aggies.

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