Obey Your Strengths

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Obey Your Strengths with Kathy Kersten

Kathy Kersten interviews executives, entrepreneurs and evangelists whom are finding personal and professional success by leveraging human talent. Whether you are just discovering your strengths or desire to invest in your Strengths-based Leadership, this podcast will educate and inspire you on how to apply the theory of the CliftonStrengths framework in your life.


Obey Your Strengths

Kathy Kersten

Lorenzo Gomez, III

Kathy Kersten (www.kathykersten.com) interviews Lorenzo Gomez III, Geekdom Media CEO, Co-Host of The Brand Brother Podcast and author of "The Cilantro Diaries: Business Lessons from the Most Unlikely Places". He shares wisdom about using strengths philosophy to increase your professional success. Lorenzo's Top 5: Context, Restorative, Activator, Positivity, WOO.

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