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Obey Your Strengths with Kathy Kersten

Kathy Kersten interviews executives, entrepreneurs and evangelists whom are finding personal and professional success by leveraging human talent. Whether you are just discovering your strengths or desire to invest in your Strengths-based Leadership, this podcast will educate and inspire you on how to apply the theory of the CliftonStrengths framework in your life.


Obey Your Strengths

Kathy Kersten

Cindy Lo Founder of Red Velvet Events

“Leading by Example & Building a High Performance Culture”: Cindy Y. Lo, Founder of Red Velvet Events, International Speaker and a recent Amazon Best Selling Author (Behind the Red Velvet Curtain: Build and Run the Event Planning Business of Your Dreams.) chats with Kathy Kersten about how her unique strengths helped her start a business and build a high-performance company culture.

Cindy’s Top 5 Signature Themes are Focus, Analytical, Command, Restorative, Individualization. www.cindylo.com.

Kathy Kersten is the host of Obey Your Strengths, the podcast dedicated to fanning the flame of the Strengths movement one success story at a time. As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach since 2008, Kathy has help 70+ organizations, hundreds of teams and thousands of individuals leverage individual’s strengths to increase performance. Kathy’s Top 5 Signature Themes are Strategic, Input, Learner, Belief, Maximizer. If you would like information on individual, team or organizational coaching, visit kathykersten.com.

To discover your own strengths, visit gallupstrengthscenter.com.

Instagram: @kathy.kersten

Facebook: @obeyyourstrengths

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